Mitchell Santner: Can he be Chennai Super King’s trump card this season?

Cricket March 24, 2019
Mitchell Santner can be the trump card for Chennai Super Kings this season. Image: Cricket Australia

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Mitchell Santner: Can he be Chennai Super King’s trump card this season?

There is so much joy, hype, and attention seeking, neither of which was unexpected, as Indian Premier League rolled out for the 12th season. India’s blockbuster was released on Saturday with a thumping Chennai Super Kings win. Just like all releases the hype has reached a crescendo, masking as it does the uncertainty in the fans gut.

Each respective franchise will look for a good balanced playing XI from the very beginning of the tournament. However you can bank on all your assets, minimize your risk and yet, there is always something left undone. And in the end, performance has to speak for itself.

Chennai Super KIngs bought Santner for 50 lakhs this season.Image: Redif
              Chennai Super Kings bought Santner for 50 lakhs this season. Image: Rediff

Mitchell Santner’s IPL journey yet to kick off…

The 27-year-old Kiwi all-rounder Mitchell Santner will be hoping to have a good IPL season in order to get back into the scheme of things. He was bought by CSK last season at his base price of Rs 50 Lakhs and was expected to play a key role for the Men in Yellow. But unfortunately, he had to undergo a knee surgery which ruled him from playing in the IPL.

Since his debut, Santner has been an impressive prospect although things have been a bit tough for the young man. But the ability to come back strong separates the champions from the challengers. In fact when the going good everyone does well, but when the going is tough that’s when you separate the men from the boys, as with cricketers who do wonderfully well when they first burst onto the scene and later fade away. But Mitchell Santner with his hunger to succeed is here to stay.

Santner hasn’t yet set the world on fire. His numbers don’t reflect the amount of skill and talent he possesses and this year’s IPL could well serve as a perfect platform to showcase his abilities.

How will CSK use him…

Santner is a clever bowler who can bat a bit but has always been considered as an underrated player and is in the side as a bits-and-pieces cricketer who can do a bit of both. But with Chepauk’s slow pitches which offers assistance to the finger spinners, he is the perfect arse to have in any side.

Santner can make a huge difference for Chennai Super Kings this season. Image: Newshub
               Santner can make a huge difference for Chennai Super Kings this season. Image: Newshub

And so if we are willing to look upon Santner who will in all likelihood replace Ravindra Jadeja following his substandard outing for the Indian Team as an all-rounder, as a piece in an ensemble, he has also been the former number one T20 bowler in international cricket. He can bring a much-needed balance in both the departments for Chennai Super Kings and his agile fielding will also work as an add on to the side.

With Chennai dependent on their experienced players to take them through, they must also have younger players in their ranks who will keep the older players aware of changing trends, like sliding and diving in the field. There will be the optimists, the enthusiasts, who have to be used as change ambassadors. Change multiplies geometrically if there are enough people with a ‘can-do’ attitude, which is why the role of the change ambassadors becomes important.